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Tāne Mahuta

Create, Connect & Celebrate
TE MANAWA - 4th July - 10th July 2024

The DigiFest is a STEM Festival for learners across the Manawatū. We inspire learners to create, connect and celebrate learning within Digital Technologies and e-Learning. The overarching kaupapa for 2024 is Tāne Mahuta. 

Tāne, the atua of the forest and its inhabitants, is known for his diverse roles including arranging stars, separating sky and earth, and being the progenitor of mortal life and natural elements. After separating his parents and exploring the world, Tāne sought a human female element to create human children, and he endeavoured  to find this despite no knowing exactly what it was. The offspring from his encounters with various elements including mountainous atua, tree atua and rock atua populated the natural environment, ranging from rivers and stones to plants and animals. Despite these efforts, Tāne and his brothers eventually had to create the first human female, Hineahuone, who became the mother of humanity. Tāne's narrative encompasses a wide array of disciplines including social studies, geography, genealogy, geology, ecology, and environmental science, highlighting his significance in understanding the interconnectedness of life and nature.


Within a range of authentic contexts about Tāne Mahuta and taking account of end-users learners can...

App Development


Design Thinking 

Digital Storytelling

Game Development





The arts 

Te Reo Māori

Virtual Reality

3D Printing

Global Cardboard Challenge

Click into the link to see examples of how you might design learning around Tāne Mahuta.

Submissions should link to one of these categories. Submissions in by Friday 16th June 2023.

Create your learning, Connect to Manawatū DigiFest and Celebrate our shared understanding.

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