What is Digits

Digits provides struggling families with an affordable, refurbished Chromebook, an internet connection and free digital literacy tuition.

Parents and teachers tell us that Digits is both affordable and meeting an urgent need. One parent told us “The kids say they aren’t the only one in class that hasn’t done their homework because they used to be the ones who didn’t own their own laptop”.

Digits is a charitable trust (CC54480) and a collaborative city-wide effort to enable digital inclusion for 1,000 households with school-aged children in Palmerston North.

How does Digits help?

DIGITS helps people who need it most.  As one parent said, “I can’t buy laptops at a store as I don’t have the cash and can’t get credit. So DIGITS works because $15 per week [for three Chromebooks] is the best deal…and with DIGITS we get to keep the laptops.”.

What do families learn?

Tutors will show families how to use the Chromebook, and how to keep the family safe on the Internet. Families can learn whatever they need to. Popular choices include email, word processing, designing posters, job seeking and CV writing, Internet banking and getting ahead with maths and literacy.

What do families get?

  • Chromebook 11’ laptop

  • 30 gigs prepaid data monthly

  • 4G modem/router

  • Chromebook insurance

  • Digital skills tutorials and support