Between DIGITS and (Name of School) and (Name of Family)

DIGITS is a charitable trust based in Palmerston North that provides internet, device and digital training packages to families without an internet connection at home. This program

The DIGITS Charitable Trust will provide the following:
  • A device and Internet connection for each family.
  • Training and support for parents to use the device effectively and keeping young people safe when online.
  • Warranty support in the event of a hardware issue.
  • Manage the collection of the weekly payments.


(Name of School) will provide the following:
  • Identify families eligible to be a part of DIGITS
  • Support the use of the device in classroom programmes
  • Collect the applications and process the deposits
  • Provide a venue for the initial induction meeting
  • In the event of non-payment the school will collect the device
  • Report any notable damage
  • Promote DIGITS Charitable Trust through their school communications


The Family will ensure the following:
  • Attend the induction session(s) with their children
  • Provide a $60.00 deposit upon signing
  • Setup and maintain automatic payments with their bank to the DIGITS Trust Account 12-3143-0385837-00. Please ensure that you have your name clearly showing as a reference on the payment
  • Report any damage, loss or hardware issues to support@digitspn.org.nz
  • Be liable for costs of repair due to misuse
  • Create a safe environment for online use at home


To help protect your privacy please advise what you would prefer:

I agree that images of myself, my family and my work may be used by DIGITS in publications. YES / NO
My name may be used alongside published images and videos. YES / NO


Signature (Parent/Caregiver) Signature (DIGITS) Signature (School)






Name Name Name
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Date Date Date
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What the families get


  • Chromebook laptop worth $399
  • 4G prepaid broadband Internet at home for $10 per month
  • Chromebook insurance
  • Free digital skills tuition and ongoing support


What it costs families
  • Weekly Chromebook Payment                                   $5
  • Chromebook and Modem Deposit                             $60
  • Monthly Internet Payment (paid to SPARK)            $10
  • Total Family Payments over 2 years                         $760


What families learn

Tutors will show you how to use the Chromebook, and how to keep your family safe on the Internet. Other things you and your family can learn:

  • Email
  • Word processing
  • Designing posters
  • Job seeking
  • CV writing
  • Internet banking
  • Getting ahead with maths and literacy


Just book a time with your tutor and say what you want to learn.



Timeline for implementation in your school:





1 Initial Meeting Week 1
2 Sign on as a DIGITS School Week 2
3 Identify families (10 min – 20 max), Deposits paid and agreements completed Weeks 3- 7
4 Induction evening for families Week 8
5 Ongoing digital skills tuition/support Week 9 onwards






Digital Citizenship means using computers and the Internet to live, learn and work. To do this everyone needs access to computers, the Internet and digital skills. One of the most important skills is how to be safe online.