An impact story about our modems

This is from a family that has used one of our modems for the last 6 weeks:

I have been testing out the new Skinny modem through the Spark sponsorship deal. We are a two person family who are lucky enough to be using the internet at work. We both have cellphones so get to use the internet at home. However, being able to have it on a computer has been a massive boost. Over the last 6 weeks we have found that having internet at home meant that we were able to access email in a meaningful way – it is really hard to use it just on a phone.

We found that the modem was so easy to setup and use especially topping up each month. We are now going onto our own provider and hope that it is as smooth as using this modem. We are also looking forward to being able to access more data so that we can stream more video.

For those that are working out if they need the internet I would say go for it. You will be surprised how much it helps your life. A typical day for me is:
– woke up went to check the weather forecast
– went to computer to check emails
– went to check the bus timetable to get to town

It went on like this throughout the day. Small things we do to enable our lives and make us active citizens are so much harder without access to a basic internet connection.

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